Saturday, January 14, 2006


this is andy

i just realize that there is very little time to finish assignment 1. It is due on Feb 2, but jan26-jan 30 is the OCAD compitition, which cuts the working time down to 13 days. i think we have to come up with a plan and time table of which when things are going to be done. here is what i suggest.

by jan 18 we'll have our basic research done and figure out the main topics we'll do research on, then by jan 25 we'll have the research organize and complete which will leave us 3 days to make the book and hand it in on Feb 2.

any suggestions?

Identifying the PSE opportunities and forecasting the social and economic
impact of intensified nano technology and its possible uses to augment
human capability particularly for the aging population. Better sight, grasp,
strength and increased mobility: what could be possible?

hopes this helps...


At 11:56 AM, Blogger Team Black said...

This post sounds like a good start, I suggest everyone looks into human augmantation and the aging population from a number of angles, focusing on possibility. One thing I would like to note, map the juicy signals in a fashion that is easily legible and decribes the emerging ecology of ideas and applications that are being researched and developed. The organization should be to your taste,It will definatley help you understaned your research territory and in the formulattion POD questions in the upcoming classes. Like i said before have fun, this is a very interesting, rich research area.


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