Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Future Communication: Humanism vs. Technology

Technology—handheld devices, cell phones, texting, cell photos, MSN, CRM, databases, remote networking (Linked-in, PLAXO)—it’s all changed the way we communicate. Technological wizardry allows us more ways to be in touch, from more places, with increased computer power, video messaging, and portability. We are increasingly living in a knowledge-based economy. Part of living in such a world means dealing with a constant bombardment of messages. It’s shocking how much information we process yet how little knowledge we acquire. So, if the medium is the message, what are we saying about ourselves? Will we control how we communicate or will communication management tools cause us to adopt purely technological means of communication, and abdicate natural, human-to-human interaction? Will future communication happen solely by remote control? In the future, humans will still be able to play the decisive role in determining how we respond to communications technology; how we assess its impact on the quality, depth, and breadth of our communications; and in turn how we allow technology to shape the relationships we form on a business and personal level. A pivotal part of the equation is the different way that men and women respond to technology and communication.


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